Bemidji Wedding Photography and Video helpful makeup tips

My Wife and I have been wedding photographers for over 500 ceremonies and receptions. Here are some helpful observations.

Choosing your personal attendant is very important!

Choose your personal attendant very carefully based on her organizational and enthusiasm skills! Don’t choose someone just because they are your friend, choose someone who is right for the job.

You may let them know that their job will be to help you with maintaining your hair and makeup throughout the wedding photography. They can also be helpful with arranging your dress and if they have an artistic eye, it is a bonus.

Photo Ready Make-Up Tips

Here are our top DO’s and DON’T’s when it comes to eye makeup:

DO: Matte eye shadows

DON’T: Shimmer eye shadow creases easily and will reflect light in photos

DO: If you’re going to use false eyelashes, which we realize are very on trend right now, go for long natural false eyelashes or lengthening mascara to enhance eye features.

DON’T: Wear thick extension eye lashes- they make it appear as though your eyes are squinting in photos. Heavily applied eye makeup, especially thick extension eye lashes, end up having the opposite effect of what was intended, and can make your eyes disappear in photos.

We think these 2 articles are spot on when it comes to planning and executing your wedding makeup–it’s the most photographed day of your life, but with a little planning you will be photo-ready for glamorous, timeless pics that you will love to look at for years to come.

We hope you find these tips helpful as you prepare for your special day!

Groom sees Bride in her wedding dress for the first time.

As wedding photographers we choreograph some of the most important moments of your wedding day. You don’t have to miss out on the excitement of seeing each other for the first time. Before we start your wedding photographs in the church, we can have the groom stand up front with his back facing the aisle…And than on cue have the groom turn around, and you make your entrance. We take these wedding pictures discreetly, because we want your true emotions captured.

The saying is “The bride is always is right,” but realize if you try to do your wedding photos after the ceremony there will be problems with having all of your wedding party, as well as your family, being there. Far too often someone that is needed for a particular family photograph is outside the church. As professionals we go smoothly with the flow and set up other pictures, but it can be frustrating for the couple.


Choosing a thoughtful wedding photographer with the right personality will add to the joy of your day. There are often small holdups when certain key people are missing for a certain important family photo. As a husband and wife team we simply move on to other family portraits until they become available. Beware some photographers can be impatient and tactless so consider that when choosing the people who will be CELEBRATING YOUR WEDDING DAY.

We allow other people to photograph and video tape discreetly but we have to be careful not to allow them to distract people from making eye contact with the professional photographer’s camera. Since you own copyright if you want you may choose to let guests know you can share your professional pics with them afterword. That being said having a friend with a good camera follow and snap candids can often capture unique angles and blooper moments.

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Wedding Ideas January 24, 2017